Coronavirus / Covid-19

Wedding Cakes 

Most weddings involve travel and as they are often public gatherings from people arriving from different towns or countries the Coronavirus is very likely to impact on the world of cakes at some point and may impact on your event and the payments that you have already made to us for your cake. You may wish to check your wedding insurance policy. We are aware that when events or weddings are cancelled it will also impact on you financially.
We will therefore offer a complete refund of any payments made to us for your cake including the “non-refundable part payment” as long as you send us email proof that the venue has cancelled your event due to the Coronavirus. For potential new wedding cake bookings – we urge you not to delay making your cake bookings for this particular reason.

Celebration Cakes

Please please please do not visit us to collect your pre-arranged booked cake from our premises if you have any symptoms of a cough, cold or fever as this could have an impact on us not being able to make any cakes for the foreseeable future. We advise you to arrange for someone else to collect your cake on your behalf or to choose our delivery option.

General note

If we have to close our business (temporarily or for a longer period ofd time) for any reason linked to the Coronavirus or if we are unable to provide your cake for you due to the ingredients not being available in the shops or via any alternative suppliers, then we will cancel your cake order and offer you a complete refund of any payments made to us for your cake, including the “non-refundable deposit” and we also offer you our deepest apologies for this inconvenience caused. We will do our utmost to give you guidance, rescheduling and as much cancellation notice as possible