Porsham wedding cakes in Devon are lovingly designed, custom creations, formed from the ideas and specifications of our clientele to meet the very highest standards for a very special day.

A successful wedding cake is a collaboration between the bride or groom or both and us to make that stunning centrepiece.

At an initial meeting with our clients we talk though their ideas for a cake, based on other wedding plans they have in mind or have already booked. All types of cake are possible from traditional to modern romantic. We like to see any ideas our clients wish to bring along and colours involved in any flowers or clothes. A wedding cake is an element of their wedding where a client can let their personality shine through. We like to make cakes that are as individual as our clients.

It is also crucial to discuss the wedding venue and where the cake will be placed at that venue as backgrounds or whether a cake is to be inside or outside can affect designs and compositions. The number of guests attending, style of venue and overall style of wedding are as important to us as they are to our clientele.

Our cakes are all made and decorated by hand, each individual leaf, lacework detail or petal is hand made here in our kitchen with a high attention to detail. During a working meeting, a choice of cakes and fillings will be available to sample. Requests with regard to recipes and ingredients may also be accommodated.

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